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We provide a full range of escrow services for a variety of Real Estate transactions.

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Escrow FAQs

Learn the escrow process, the terms and how it all works.

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Escrow Application

It's easy to start the process here by completing our quick application form.

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About Us

About Us


Broadway Escrow buildingBroadway Escrow has clients that range from independent realtors, homeowners and investors. We act as a neutral party confidentially to facilitate a variety of real estate transactions with the highest professional standards and ethics. With each escrow we create a customized solution that is personalized to the client – designed for smooth and successful transaction. Our mission is to provide excellent service with competitive fees.

Broadway Escrow is fully licensed by the Department of Corporation and is an independent Escrow Company fully licensed and regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) (license number: 9632631). All Escrow Officers who work at Broadway Escrow are approved by the DBO and subject to background checks by the Department of Justice. We are also subject to regular audits by the DBO, and a financial and internal controls audit by a Certified Public Accounting firm licensed in California. Controlled Broker Owned and Title companies are not subject to such heavy regulations or held to such high standards. The activities of an escrow agent are highly regulated for the protection of members of the public who entrust their funds to these companies. ┬áThe escrow agent’s operations are subject to the provisions of the California Financial Code of Regulations.

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